Accreditations and approvals

The professional expertise of JENA-GEOS-Ingenieurbüro GmbH was confirmed by the accreditation (accreditation number D-PL-18426-01) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for sampling of

  • water, wastewater, water from standing waters, aquifers, running waters

  • of soils, wastes, materials for recycling

  • selected physical-chemical investigations on water sampling

  • Sampling of waste for disposal according to Deponieverordnung Anhang 4

  • soil, sewage sludge, sewage sludge mixture and sewage sludge compost according to § 32 AbfKlärV2017

  • specialist modules on waste, water as well as soil and contaminated sites


were confirmed.
This accreditation includes a quality management system that complies with this international standard and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-11. JENA-GEOS® is entitled to use the ILAC-MRA mark which is valid worldwide.

Publicly appointed and sworn expert for soil science and soil evaluation

Mr. Dipl.-Ing. agrar. Christoph Scheibert has been publicly appointed and sworn in by the Free State of Thuringia as an expert in the field of agriculture, soil science and soil evaluation.

Expertise according to DGUV regulation 101-004 (former BGR 128) and expertise according to TRGS 524

Mr. Dipl.-Geol. Lars-H. Kassebaum have the proof of expertise according to no. 5.2 and annex 6A of the rule for safety and health protection at work in contaminated areas according to DGUV rule 101-004.
The expert knowledge for safety and health protection at work in contaminated areas acquired in accordance with the BG rule “Contaminated areas – BGR 128, Appendix 6A or 6B” fulfils the expert knowledge requirements in accordance with Appendix 2A or 2B of TRGS 524 (footnote to Section 3.1 Paragraph 5 of TRGS 524).