research and development

Beside the years of experience we summon up our Know-How out of operational innovation and research, which we practice activielly since 15 years. In the joint projects, fundet by the EU, BMBF, BMWi, the Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Foundation for the environment) and the Free state of Thuringia, we have already conducted research and developed innovations on the following topics:

  • modern technical solutions in Geotechnics, Geophysics and water purification

  • Natural attenuation processes in the groundwater

  • mining consequences within securing, remediation and ecological recycling of waste products

Today, JENA-GEOS is a sought-after entrepreneurial research partner for projects involving sustainable energy generation and the city of the future. As a medium-sized company, we carry out research in cooperation with universities, technical colleges or other research institutions in Germany and abroad. In addition, we have carried out commissioned scientific studies for several federal states as well as federal companies.
In recent years, we have conducted research and development in the following thematic groups:

  • ingelligent applications and technics of Geothermics (especially in deep petrothermal energy

  • decentralised energy supply in the neighbourhood / energy-related urban redevelopment

  • adaptation strategies of land use to climate change

  • new approaches to brownfield revitalisation

We develop the prototypical results of our research projects to maturity for our assessment and planning activities. This results in an innovative advantage over our competitors and benefits for our customers.

Our employees take over teaching and lecturing activities at universities and colleges. You can find our publications here.

As the initiator and leader of the regional growth core ‘smood® – smart neighborhood’, JENA-GEOS® is directly involved in a process that aims to become the innovation leader in the energy-related renovation of neighborhoods in Germany and to open up a new, systemic value creation for our engineers.