Construction planning

planning – construction supervision – project controlling

Our experts of the neighbouring disciplines / departments describe and evaluate an actual state in relation to the ideal or target state and discuss the necessity of (re-)establishing this state. Here our construction planning engineers continue the process by planning, realising, controlling and monitoring these measures. The result is an optimal approximation to the target state formulated by the technical expert with economic use of resources.

  • Landfill construction and remediation (base and surface sealing, recultivation, water balance, seepage and surface water capture and drainage, infrastructure)

  • Structural remediation of contaminated sites (sealing, encapsulation, excavation, stabilisation, inerting)

  • Pipeline and channel construction, pipe laying with horizontal drilling technology

  • Environmental geotechnical construction measures (rock, slope and terrain protection, retaining walls, underpinning, dams)

  • Areal precipitation management (standard and extreme precipitation, water catchment, distribution, infiltration and drainage)