geological exploration – hydrogeology

The limits of nature are increasingly recognised as the definitive limits of civilisation. The development of new resources in our earth’s crust therefore makes it essential to minimise risks and find environmentally appropriate, sustainable solutions. To this end, we use decades of experience, the latest scientific findings and modern digital technologies. The state of groundwater and surface water is attracting increasing attention in public perception, and we are demonstrating the effects of climate change in our own series of measurements. With our expertise, we provide advice on risk minimisation, remediation and climate adaptation measures.

  • geological and hydrogeological expertises

  • planning, construction, operation and controlling of measuring networks for the collection of geodata in soil as well as in ground and surface water

  • digital preparation and archiving of geodata in geographic information systems (GIS)

  • planning, execution and evaluation of geohydraulic field investigations

  • planning and optimisation of groundwater development and drainage

  • investigation, assessment and remediation of groundwater damage

  • geological research, mapping and exploration of geogenic potentials

  • structural geological, hydrodynamic and geothermal modelling

  • environmental, mining and water law risk assessment