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Our field of work covers the entire geosphere. We develop, use and protect natural resources. In this way we serve both mankind and our environment.

We provide our geoscientific consulting and research services for you at home and abroad. The centre of our activities is Jena in Thuringia. This is where JENA-GEOS® has been based since the social upheaval in Eastern Germany – this is also where our predecessor institutions operated, whose work we continue with almost 100 years of tradition. From exploring lignite deposits to helping to clean up the legacy pollution that has arisen there, today we are shaping the next structural change with the efficient use of renewable resources. Sustainability is our business model.

Our competences include the following fields of activity.

  • Studies on the protection and use of groundwater as well as of our rivers and lakes

  • Planning and support of investments in route and traffic route construction

  • Deconstruction and development of sites for modern uses

  • Foundation of new buildings as well as construction planning, support and supervision

  • Remediation of contaminated sites, environmental damage and the upgrading of landfills

  • Evaluation and planning for the elimination of war and explosive ordnance damage

  • Exploration and exploitation of geothermal resources

  • Assessments for environmental due diligence, risk prognoses and environmental impact studies

  • Exploration of deposits

  • Land-use plan

  • Applied field soil sience, soil protection and ecology

  • Pedological construction monitoring and soil-related impact assessment

  • Utilization of renewable energies

  • Adaptation strategies for the consequences of climate change

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company brochure

In our company brochure you will find a short overview of all fields

  • Soil

  • Geotechnical engineering

  • Construction planning

  • Environment

  • Exploitation

  • Geology

  • Deposits

The brochure is currently in process in order to cover newly added specialist areas.

Company brochure

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(German version – 10 MB).

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