geopedology – land use planning

No other environmental asset is as complex as soil. In soil, solid, liquid and gaseous components as well as living and inanimate matter interpenetrate each other. Soil is still one of the most important foundations of human existence. It takes thousands of years for its development and cannot be reproduced at will. It therefore requires the highest degree of consistent protection. We are at your disposal with our expertise for this purpose.

  • pedological construction monitoring of infrastructure projects (electricity, gas, transport)

  • mapping and evaluation/diagnostics according to national and international standards

  • soil-related impact assessment and derivation of suitable compensation measures

  • soil protection and land use concepts, assessment of land degradation and climate impacts

  • rehabilitation and recultivation of post-mining landscapes

  • accompanying landscape conservation planning / environmental impact studies / environmental construction supervision

  • analysis and evaluation of natural area potentials

  • species conservation planning