contaminated sites – risk prognosis – site development

Contaminations of soil and building fabric are not always harmful, but often have an economic disadvantage. In the context of construction measures, this can result in increased disposal costs. The assessment of environmental risks is therefore an established service in property transactions, for which we are at your disposal with our expertise. In addition to environmental assessments (Environmental Due Diligence) in accordance with ASTM, our Environmental Department can also handle the issues of contaminated sites / environmental damage for you, from historical investigation and risk assessment to remediation investigation, planning and implementation. In addition to many years of practical experience in dealing with contaminated sites, we also have extensive research expertise in the fields of representative sampling and geostatistical analysis. Our publicly appointed and sworn experts are available to assist our experts in the investigation and evaluation of suspected contaminated sites.

  • Remediation investigation according to BBodSchV and remediation / approval planning

  • Preparation of work and safety plans according to TRGS 524 (BGR 128) and building site regulations

  • Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) / Environmental assessment according to US standard ASTM ESA Phase I / II

  • Creation of investigation concepts, design planning and site development concepts

  • Implementation and technical support of technical exploration work

  • Assessment of the spatial and temporal dispersion of pollutants, the exposure of protected goods and the risk of site-relevant impact pathways

  • Support with contract law issues